S & R Membership Shopping CDO is now open to serve you! yey or nah?


(Photo credit to S & R Membership’s official facebook page)

S& R Membership Shopping opened in Cagayan de Oro City today. The establishment reminds me of Makro which used to stand where Save More Kauswagan is now located.

Although I heard that bloggers could get it for free during S & R’s opening in CDO I did not dare be poser because I don’t think I’m “there” yet. So anyway, I’ve never been inside an S & R before so with a little help from Mr. Google I was able to take a peek at this boxy emporium of premium goods and these are my observations:

  • The membership for Makro was like 100 pesos but with S & R it’s 700 php which is kind of pricey for the average Juan and Juana. 
  • They have the same warehouse feel.
  • Good parking space.
  • S & R has a food area while Makro didn’t (If my memory serves me right.)
  • Makro had a lot of knock offs and cheap stuff you’d find in Unitop while S & R seems to have premium stuff like that cute vintagey cotton candy cart.

Judging by the prices and products I saw online, I daresay that S & R is not for the average minimum wage earner so let’s leave it to the middle class and ofw families guys. Let’s stick to commitment-phobe friendly establishments like Gaisano’s grocery section or camp to the still unbeatably pocket friendly establishments in Cogon like La Victoria, Palaña’s, etc. specially those of us who have entrepreneurial streaks or are on a tight budget.

So is an S & R membership worth it? It totally depends on your pocket folks so you be the judge.


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