Pricey Bland Cakes

My friend, Dee and I went for dessert to this seemingly classy dessert place in Ayala Centrio, CDO. We had been talking about cakes and the topic made me crave for sweets. We opted to try out this place with damask couches and faux books on the wall.

I tried out their Opera Cake because I figured it must be as dramatic as those operas in Italy. But I was disappointed. It did not take like opulence instead it tasted of a bland variety show. It didn’t taste anything special and also, I observed the table next to ours. They did not finish their dinner and opted for a dogie bag. In their wake were substantial chunks of left over cakes on their plates. In restaurants, too many left overs could mean you need to rethink your food offerings. And in the case of that pretentious dessert place, I think they should.

I wasted a hard earned 400 php over a bland dessert. (Expensive) Lesson learned.


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